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Over the Rhine

Christmas Tour



Brooklyn, NY


The stage was tiny, but they all managed to fit
(along with some festive holiday candles).

Matt Slocum did an outstanding job on guitar.

All photos copyright by Keith Bergendorff

That passionate intensity we all love.

Karin turned in as inspired a performance as I’ve ever heard from her,
despite lunch at Taco Bell.

Not enough light by the keyboards for a good photo, but note Linford’s new beard.

Susan Enan did a great job warming up.  I bought her EP and talked to her a bit after the show.


Matt on cello for Give Me Strength.

Well, what else can you really say?

The set list:


Hometown Boy

Show Me


Jesus in New Orleans

Nobody Number One

Darling, Christmas Is Coming (with key change)

All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue

I Radio Heaven


(Karin and Matt piano & cello duet)

Give Me Strength (“soft” version)


Silent Night (“hard” version)


Let It Be



Cruel and Pretty

Latter Days

I drove through two hours of heavy traffic to get from my home in Brightwaters on Long Island to Park Slope in Brooklyn for the show.  I was upstaged by two other fans I hooked up with after arriving:  Ivan had fought his way in from central New Jersey, and he and I were the first two fans gathered outside the venue.  Ed drove down all the way from Pittsfield, MA in the Berkshires to catch the show after seeing Over the Rhine for the first time in Northampton a couple of months ago.  None of us left disappointed!

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