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Cowboy Junkies

Hemmens Cultural Center

Elgin, IL





Schwenkesville, PA


Two llamas ready to rock in their Over the Rhine t-shirts

The Hemmens Auditorium

All photos copyright by Keith Bergendorff

Farns checking the level on the magic mando — he was quite entertaining

“Where’s Margo?”

A wide-angle shot of the landscaped stream next to the venue

Full band sound check

Back in town, the Elgin Founder’s Day celebration was in full swing

Kat trying to make her camera work

Jaro taking a stroll before sound check

A mess of llamas & friends at the Prairie Rock Pub, some of whose names I can’t remember.  L to R, Jeff Nicola’s head, Jeffrey Sink, Jason’s buddy, the taper guy we met in Madison, Amanda, Kat, Bill, Anna (rebuilding her hair), Abel and Vera.

Let the show begin...